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Mara's Hair Cut

By bryan, 2022-05-28
Mara's Hair Cut

Jimmy lives next to me and has a chocolate golden doodle. While walking Mara a few Sundays ago, I asked him where he had Resa groomed and he told me he took her to a Grooming College out by the Fairgrounds.

Mara's hair was getting quite matted; I can't find a brush that really works well with her hair and my daughter hadn't taken her in for grooming for a while.

They did a great job and she appears to be happy about the change, although she did sulk most of the night afterwards.

A success I'll take.

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Food Choices

By furfoo, 2022-03-12
Food Choices

Mara stopped eating canned dog food this past week. Pretty much refused it. She loves this new burger direction her daily diet is taking, however.

Get it on Amazon.

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